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Our Story......


Lydia, in biblical times, was a seller of purple, which was both exclusive and rare in those times. Hers is an incredible story about an enterprising woman.   What an inspiration for women in business to be blessed by her example. It is no secret we have incorporated purple elements throughout the store, who doesn't love purple?

Beryl is more commonly known as Emerald, or Aquamarine. In its purest form Beryl is colorless. You could call it the gem behind the gem!

Lydia’s Beryl, established in 2015, has been called unique, charming, and even trendy. Located in the desirable San Antonio, TX area Lydia’s Beryl is a boutique lover’s dream, boasting, quality clothing, affordable prices and exceptional customer service. Come by and see us or browse our online store, we know you will emerge beautifully adorned